Hazardous Gas Monitoring

 In present situation there are many cases related to gas leakage which cause innocent people lives and property damage. 

  • We provide a complete security solution which alert gas leakage .
  • Analyze environmental gas presence and alarm if any hazardous cross threshold . 
  • Can make gas pipe valve off if any hazardous cross threshold.
  • Take action on before any hazard happen .

Parkinson patient monitoring

Parkinson is a disorder of the central nervous system that affects muscle and organ movement,  Wearable items embedded with sensors, electronics and software that can collect data from patients, even though they are at home, This will allow doctors to take more informed decisions remotely.

Our solution provides Real time Patient data analysis  parameter along with previous  historical data , So that doctor understand the medicine effect .

  • Using body-attached sensors accelerator  and gyroscopes value from patient hand movement 
  • Patient body temperature 
  • Analyzing patient heart beat rate 
  • Skeletal Muscle sensor recording the electrical activity produced.